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Important Points About Cell Tower Lease

A lot of people are always wondering how much it cost for a cell tower lease. The problem here is that, there isn’t a definite answer to such question because different buyers are paying for different price point for different leases and time. Simply put, every lease has to be taken each layer apart.

Location of rooftop or tower – it’s an intricate evaluation of the lease value when talking about the location of cell tower. As a matter of fact, there are some old towers that are of less importance to cell phone carriers due to the reason that they are filled in coverage by buying another site. They have come to a deal in getting their equipment on site of their competitor or perhaps, bought the entire carrier. Now and the future will be a fundamental element that should be taken into consideration to get the right price whether the site is seen a necessary part of coverage.

The prevailing rent paid by the competitor or the carrier is another factor used in calculating its value.

Remaining term on the lease – as a matter of fact, cell tower lease is worth more if there’s lesser time that is set on the lease. Since most leases are subpar in relation to monthly rent, escalators as well as co-location, buyers are aware of the fact that they are in the better position of negotiating for the lease. More often than not, they can double the rental price, add participation in subleases and improve escalators.

Co-location rent, escalators and rent – the escalation clauses, co-location rents and rents are all negotiable. On the other hand, it is just a matter of how much you understand on how important the cell site to the carrier or carriers who is occupying the tower/rooftop. There are actually some sites that are more important in comparison to others and that the cell lease buyers will consider this in mind when bidding on lease.

Know your cell tower lease buyers – remember that you are still talking to companies and they are known for making significant profits from these transactions. They have sales people who are paid more if they could get the lease for less. In regards to this matter, you may have to work with a cell tower lease specialist or attorney who can help you navigate through this and ensure that you are talking to the right people and getting a fair lease rate.

Use a cell tower consultant – you can actually make money by working with cell tower consultant, broker or advisor. For this, they are certain to play an important part on your deal.
Looking On The Bright Side of Funds
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